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Businesses consider Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) because NIKE REACT ELEMENT it can improve their profitability and strengthen shareholders wealth. Mainly they have two motives to undertake FDI. Sales revenue related and cost similar motives. One of revenue related motives should be to attract new sources of demand.

A Company often reaches a flash where growth limited inside a local market so that searches for new sources of demand in international countries. Some MNCs perceived developing countries for example Chile, Mexico, China, and Hungary NIKE CLASSIC CORTEZ such as an attractive source of demand and gained substantial market share.

Other revenue related motive should be to enter profitable markets. If NIKE M2K TEKNO other companies in the actual industry have proved that superior earnings is usually realized in certain market segments, a National Company can also decide to sell in those markets.

Some Businesses exploit monopolistic advantage. Whether a National Company possesses state-of-the-art technology and has taken a bonus of it in home market, the company can make an attempt to exploit it internationally too. In fact, the company may NIKE AIR FORCE 1 UK have a more different advantage in markets which have less advanced technology.

In addition to revenue motives companies engage in NIKE AIR MAX 270 in an effort get rid of costs. One of typical ulterior motives of Companies that making the effort to cut costs is to work with foreign factors of manufacturing. Some Companies often attempt to set up production facilities in destinations where land and toil costs are cheap.

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