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Jelena Pudar - Jeca

Jelena Pudar Jelena Pudar was born on May 5th, 1984 in Kragujevac. Since young age, she has shown a great talent for music - at age 6 she starts School of Music for Beginners. One year later she enrolls in Elementary School of Music "Miloje Milivojevic" (piano) as well as Elementary School " Svetozar Markovic". At this time, she begins School of Modern Dance and a little after School of Jazz Ballet. In grade 8, she registers for a Singing Course (solo) taught by Andjela Saramandjic. At the age of 15, she graduates from School of Music,but at this point is interested in an entirely different kind of music. Since she could only attend one type of High School, she chooses High School of Economics. This is the time of her first encounter with her band "Superstition" and later a band called "Element". Then, things started to roll in their own direction. At 17, she appears on "3K-Dur" and she is spotted by members of "Neverne Bebe". After some personal changes in the band at this time, around middle of June 2003, she gets a phone call from Milan Djurdjevic, which all seems pretty unbelievable to her.

Upon discovering this great talent of hers, she gets a chance to perform in famous sessions at Kosutnjak and she takes advantage of it. Several days after Jana's arrival in the band, Jelena becomes a member of "Neverne Bebe" as well.

Soon, on July 5th, 2003, side by side with Jana Sustercic, she makes a debut in Herceg-Novi. Everything that comes after is a part of a well known story.
At the same time, she enrolls in the University in Kragujevac, Faculty of Foreign Languages, major in Spanish.
Jelena's musical role models, among others, were: Queen, Whitney Houston, Shade...

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